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Contact post~ All comments screened! [09 Dec 2030|07:52pm]
Please leave a message after the tone with any relevant contact information that would be required to return your inquiry. One of our certified specialists will make sure to return your communication as quickly as possible:

Communications ~ Spam ~ Questions ~ Comments ~ Plans for World Domination ~ Love

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Dropbox [25 Sep 2030|09:14pm]
If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions about how the game is being run, please, feel free to leave them here and one of the mods will respond to you within (TIME) unless otherwise noted. Additionally, any current or interested player is welcome to contact the mods at:

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PAST & PRESENT [23 Nov 2029|01:26am]
It's almost something like a character roster, yo. )

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You found a Quest! [17 Oct 2018|10:53am]
Hey there lovelies,

How's everyone? What's up? What have I missed? I'm not sure anyone is still even around that I used to chat with, but if you are, hit me up. I've missed you lovely and crazy lot.

I'm back and I'm curious about what games are around. Plus I'd just love to hear from all your wonderful faces in general about how your lives are going. ♥

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PSA [08 Sep 2016|11:48pm]
Here comes a thought that might alarm me What someone said and how it harmed me Something I did that failed to be charming Things that I said are suddenly swarming And, oh, I'm losing sight, I'm losing touch All these little things seem to matter so much That they confuse me That I might lose me... )

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[16 Aug 2016|02:05am]
Computer Hope

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Who you gonna call? [11 Aug 2016|12:44pm]
Ghostbusters (2016) has made back its budget in the box office and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

If anyone tries to tell you that it hasn't made back the $144 million they spent on it, tell them to look at its total combined earnings for domestic and international box offices. Domestically it's made $118.8 million and then internationally it has made another $62.8 million. Which adds up to $181.6 million which is $37.6 million over the movie budget.

Have they had other expenses that aren't listed? Likely! I couldn't find numbers for those costs, but the box office numbers are there and they cover the budget at least.

If you still haven't seen it though, you should go do that. Gonna take a date to see it this weekend.... Even though this'll be the third time for me seeing it in theaters and I'm okay with that.

I also totally bought a can of Ecto-cooler Hi-C, because I am a sucker.

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[23 Jul 2016|12:04am]
Remind me, aka please chime in: Who was interested in an OC cyberpunk game?

I feel like that was basically everyone I know, but I can't remember at the same time.

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